Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Braced for the Future

A level of disorientation settles in when you start shifting your waking hours so that you're doing things when everyone else is not. Taking the train, going to the gym, having lunch, writing into the wee hours and the witching hours and the godless hours. ("Godless" indicating all hours, of course.) The constant idea being to avoid other people. Avoid, as best I can, the every day traffic.

So much writing and yet so little of it ever seems to get leaked to the public.

There is a feeling of frustration when the things you'd hoped would get out there get delayed. And the only way to move forward is to shake off that frustration, keep your head down and keep going.

Learn from the past. Brace for the future. And try to stay in the moment when you can. Which is probably the most difficult part because the future keeps coming at you, relentlessly.

It's May, for fuck sake...