Monday, February 09, 2009

Battlestar Revolution

I'm getting into the "reimagined" Battlestar Galactica very late into the game, thankyouverymuch, trying to catch up in time to watch the final episodes on air.

Back in 2005, John Hodgman wrote this fascinating article tracing the journey of reviving Battlestar, including original star Richard Hatch's long and expensive campaign to revive it himself. With all the acclaim the new series has received during its run, it's interesting to see how much "fan-controversy" it generated during its original production.

If you know the show, of course, you know that Richard Hatch was eventually persuaded to accept a recurring character role.
He said it was sort of like falling in love with another man's wife. ''Eventually you had to realize she's married. And not to me.''
That's got to hurt. Hatch worked so hard and sunk so much of his own money into trying to get a new series off the ground... it's sad to think about. It's a rough business. The development process can be so convoluted, I think it's amazing anything gets into production.

Since Hatch has been on the new show, I was curious why the original "Starbuck" hasn't been on. The Internet has now clarified that.