Monday, July 28, 2008

David Pogue Sucks

I kinda don't like NYT tech columnist David Pogue.

This is the impression I get from watching his tv series "It's All Geek To Me". A show that seems catered to grandparents who don't know how to change the channels on their new televisions.

But don't worry because David Pogue is there with his self-satisfied, shit-eating grin to tell you the proper way to make a home-movie with your new camcorder, how to put an album on your new iPod, and how to brush your fucking teeth, you fucking nincompoop.

That said, I kinda agree with his appraisal of the general nastiness of sites that allow comments.

From his own post:

"The Internet is making it easier to attack, not to embrace."

His theories, like his show, are a bit obvious.

But the ability to add a comment to an online story is what really separates the internet from print. You get to interact. Someone might have spent a good long while writing an article, but all you need to do is type "u suck" to contribute to it. It's anonymous and cathartic for some people—not just children.

It breeds a certain level of sarcasm/nastiness. But it keeps people coming back.

(And I've disabled comments here because I just don't want to deal with it!)