Monday, August 18, 2008

Mojave at Heart

You wait long enough, there's a backlash against the backlash.

Articles like "10 Reasons Why Vista Isn't That Bad".

And Microsoft's curious new campaign to sell people on Vista by having them try it under the alternate name "Mojave". The theory being that "Vista" has become so synonymous with "shitty OS" in the media that new users are just prejudiced against the thing without reason.

Well, I use Vista. Had it pre-installed on a brand new computer that I had the highest hopes for. It totally fucked up almost everything I used to do on my previous XP computer. Nothing has been fixed. I still can't use an HP Scanjet 4100c that I've had for years. (HP refuses to create a Vista-compatible driver for it.) Other peripherals don't work and I can't edit videos the way I used to.

Here's an article exposing the bad science of Microsoft's "Mojave Experiment".

I still hate the cult of Mac. Specifically, the smug fanboys who come across as bratty children who've been told that they're "special" a little too often by their mothers—who squeal with glee at the epic failure of "Vista". Those self-satisfied cocksuckers can fuck off.

I'm not looking for a god or a mommy.

I just need a computer with an operating system that I can rely on.

Which is why my next computer will probably be a Mac.

Of course, I can't fucking afford one for a while because I wasted a good chunk of money on this Vista computer. I've got to tough it out in the middle of the desert that Microsoft stranded me in.