Monday, May 05, 2008

Internet Killed the Video Star

... and then there's the story of the decline of the adult entertainment industry...

As we all know from our history lessons, the adult film industry grew exponentially with the explosion of the home video industry in the 80s.

Then the internet came around. And stole everyone's fucking cake.
"As its name suggests, YouPorn lets users upload and watch a virtually unlimited selection of hardcore sex videos for free. The user-generated clips on YouPorn—like those on YouTube, the site it mimics—range from the grainiest amateur footage to the slickest professional product... Today, YouPorn is the No. 1 adult site in the world;, a pay site, is ranked 5,061. According to Alexa, a website-ranking company, YouPorn’s overall rank is higher than (84), (114), and (195)."
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